Good things to say at the end of a job interview

Career Coach and former Fortune 500 executive Lisa Quast posted an article on called “Job Seekers: How To Close An Interview With Class.” Her excellent suggestions should help everyone who has struggled with how to exit an interview memorably and stay on top of the hiring process. I encourage you to read the article, but I will also summarize the key points here.

As I have mentioned many times in this blog, and in Tip 42 Learn now to interview, it’s crucial that you go to any job interview with a set of questions that you want to ask the interviewer. Ms. Quast suggests some questions to add to your list, one of which would be something similar to either of the following:

“Based on my background and the skills and experience we discussed, how well do I fit the profile of the candidate for which you’re looking?” or “Given what we’ve just discussed during this interview, do you have any concerns about my fit for this position?

This type of question is going to give you a good sense of the likelihood that you’ll be seriously considered for the position. If the interviewer does say you’re a good fit, it gives you the perfect opportunity to ask your next question:

“What are the next steps in the hiring process?”

Once you know what to expect in terms of a time frame for hiring, you can better prepare to follow up after the interview—and I’ll have more to say on that topic next week. For now, I’m going to pass along Ms. Quast’s suggestion for your final question:

“This discussion has made me even more excited about this job opportunity and I would love to be the person you hire. Is there anything else you need from me before you make a decision?”

While it’s unlikely that this final question will lead to an immediate offer, it does give you the opportunity to affirm your interest in the organization and the position, and to provide any additional information that they may want or need.