Don’t do this!

Although USA Today published this article in July and was talking to summer interns, the advice is relevant regardless of when the internship occurs. Today I’m offering you a peek at what that article tells you not to do at your internship.

1. Showing up late and missing deadlines.

In a previous blog, I said something quite similar. Showing up late and missing deadlines is unprofessional behavior and totally unacceptable. It’s not only a good way to hurt your professional reputation, it will keep you from getting a good recommendation and it may keep the organization from taking on interns from your school in the future.

2. Ignoring company culture.

When I wrote about internships on August 29th, this was my first point. You must pay attention and learn to adapt to the organizational culture if you want to be successful.

3. Declining an invitation to a company function.

After hours events are a great opportunity to network and meet people you haven’t interacted with as part of your regular duties. If you’re fortunate enough to get invited to lunches or company picnics, go!

4. Never asking for feedback.

Asking for feedback was one of the six crucial tips for a successful internship that I wrote about last month.

5. Missing the opportunity to express gratitude.

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, so if someone helps you during the internship, send a thank you note. And thank your supervisor (and others, if appropriate) after the internship. Tips 6, 42, and 47 and appendix G in my book have suggestions for writing thank you notes.