Networking on LinkedIn

According to various sources, something like 90% of all recruiters are now using LinkedIn as a key mechanism for finding prospective hires. LinkedIn itself report that more than 30,000 companies use LinkedIn to recruit new employees. What that means for you (if you’re looking for a job) is that you really need to develop a lot of LinkedIn savvy.

I am far from expert at using LinkedIn, although I have had a profile for many years and I do have about 750 connections. If I were a intending to look for a job, I would learn more about the subtleties of using LinkedIn to best advantage. But instead, I’m going to identify some resources that can help you use LinkedIn more effectively.

Neil Fogarty, writing for Virgin Entrepreneur, provides “15 tips: How to get the most out of LinkedIn.” This is a great place to start because it gives you some very basic advice about how to set up your profile. The suggestions are concise and clear, and should help you get off the ground if you haven’t used LinkedIn before.

HubSpot’s blog writer, Pamela Vaughan, wrote “How to Use LinkedIn: The Ultimate List of LinkedIn Tips,” and I found it to be a very detailed and thorough overview of basic (and some not-so-basic) information about making the most of LinkedIn.

A recent article from Forbes lists “24 LinkedIn Rules that you might be breaking.” This is a great article that can help you add to your network and connect with people who are going to be able to help you the most. It assumes you already have a profile and know the basics, but it provides suggestions that make that profile work for you.

A somewhat older article, by Libby Kane writing for Forbes, tells you about “8 mistakes you should never make on LinkedIn.” I’m including this one because, even though the suggestions might seem pretty obvious, it describes “mistakes” that I see people making all the time.

So do yourself a favor and spend some time learning how to use LinkedIn. Your career will thank you for it.