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Susan’s book is the ultimate guide and a ‘must-read’ for every student ready to enter the workforce. Her fifty fabulous tips are right on the money, giving the reader a competitive advantage at a critical time in our nation’s economy.
Linda Shields, M.S.CCC-LSP, Speaking with Authority, Inc.

The information that Dr. Katz shares is critical to the success of any new college graduate entering the job market. She covers extremely important details including topics such as social media demeanor, how to dress appropriately for your interview, what to expect, what is expected of you and how to follow up. I think the most important point is that she encourages students to get out there and “make it happen.” A job isn’t going to come to you. Dr. Katz teaches you how you CAN make it happen. I wish I had had this information when I graduated!
Angelina Zimmerman, Sr. Recruiter at Pinstripe Inc.

Competition in the job market is like nothing we have ever seen before. The recession took us to a place where VPs were taking entry-level roles to make ends meet. This makes it even more important for college graduates to be sharp and on their game. Dr. Katz’s tips will give you the competitive edge needed to stand out to employers and land that job!
Catherine Wells, PHR, Talent Acquisition Consultant, 
Eaton Corporation

This book is going to be awesome for college students! I think it should be something that students read their freshman year. Job searching is just not easy nowadays and with how competitive the market is, students have to start earlier with everything! I am so grateful that I was able to read this book and from now on this will be my go to guide during my job search!
Megan Cox, North Carolina State University, Class of 2012

Katz’s book has given me a more hopeful outlook on my future career. Her book gives specific steps and techniques about how to prepare to enter the workforce, and it has built and reinforced my confidence in pursuing my dream job. I felt hopeless with every mistake I made in trying to start in the field of electrical engineering, but this book has given me an advantage in my endeavors.
Steffon Brigman, North Carolina State University, Class of 2013

Reading this book has answered any question I’ve ever had about getting a job. As I prepare for the workplace, I find myself referring to it time and time again. I feel that this book will help me make a smooth transition from college to the workplace.
Courtney Nicholson, North Carolina State University, Class of 2013

I really like this! It is all advice that is common and we have heard, but it would be really helpful to have it in front of us so we can carry it around during interviews or reference it when we have a quick question.
Jessica Green, North Carolina State University, Class of 2012

Katz’s book is great! It hits everything from the interview process to the basic search. I love how Dr. Katz mentions picking a career based on your abilities rather than your major. I am rethinking my options with the confidence to apply for jobs that I wouldn’t have thought to apply for originally. The real life examples are extremely useful.
Kaitlyn Handerhan, North Carolina State University, Class of 2012